Preventing Isolation: Helping Seniors Connect Online


One of the best things we can do for our elderly relatives to help them keep up with the fast-paced world is to teach them how to operate a smartphone. Smartphones provide elders with several advantages outside merely keeping them amused, such as assisting them with memory and general wellness.

When used responsibly, our phones offer us assistance unlike anything else. Seniors can use their phones to keep track of activities like exercising and remembering to take their meds. Numerous medical professional-recommended applications are available that can ensure senior wellness at home.

We at Desired Living Home Care LLC assist older citizens in staying in touch with friends and family who dwell outside of our retirement community. We also ensure that we assist our residents with the following:

  • Encourage them to test out research-based apps.
  • To protect their information, we can assist in installing HIPAA-compliant wellness and mental health systems. Additionally, this prevents the sale of their information to outside parties.
  • Allowing seniors to experiment with wearable technology, such as smartwatches that track their heart rate, steps, and other data, can help them keep up with their physical activity.
  • Change the device’s settings to make it more comfortable and accessible for their hearing and eyesight.

As an experienced provider of assisted living in Virginia, we are aware of the value of maintaining interpersonal connections as we age. We, therefore, try our best to assist our elderly citizens in utilizing technology for their interests, health, and personal lives.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like more details about our home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

We also provide dementia care services.

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