How Fingernails Determine Our Health


Our nails are a reflection of our overall health. They vary with time due to disease, nutritional inadequacies, external influences, and internal body processes as we age. Nails could reveal major medical disorders such as thyroid issues, heart disease, and malnutrition.

Thus, Desired Living Home Care LLC, your trusted provider of home care in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has compiled a list of nail symptoms to assist you in determining whether additional medical treatment is required for your aging loved one.

  • Separation of Nails

    This is when a fingernail or toenail lifts away from the pink nail bed. This condition is normally painless, although it is susceptible to snagging on objects, which can be painful. Thyroid problems, psoriasis, poor blood circulation, and connective tissue disorders such as lupus can all contribute to this. Personal grooming assistants can help trim affected nails carefully.

  • Yellowing Nails

    This can happen for a variety of reasons, some of which are serious, while others may be due to lifestyle choices such as smoking or overusing nail polish. Diabetes, respiratory conditions, lymphedema-related swelling, and other factors may contribute to this.

  • Spoon Nails

    Spoon-shaped nails, also known as koilonychia, occur when the nails become exceedingly thin and brittle, losing their natural convex structure. This could be due to an iron deficiency, Plummer-Vinson syndrome, rheumatic fever, or other factors.

  • Clubbing on the Nail

    Nail clubbing occurs when the tips of the fingers become enlarged and their natural convex shape is exaggerated to the point where they curve around the fingertips. This could be due to low blood oxygen levels, inflammatory bowel illness, or other factors.

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