Assisting Seniors in Maintaining Healthy Skin


As people age, their skin undergoes changes that can make them more susceptible to dryness, itching, and flakiness. To combat these issues, it’s recommended that seniors limit sun exposure. They must also use gentle, fragrance-free moisturizers regularly as part of their personal grooming.

Due to the thinning and fragility of skin as it ages, it’s essential to boost skin health by consuming a diet rich in skin-boosting nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Regularly monitoring the skin for any abnormalities that could indicate skin cancer is also important to catch it early.

To maintain healthy and glowing skin as they age, seniors should practice good hygiene by showering or bathing regularly, using gentle cleansers, and avoiding harsh soaps that can strip their skin of natural oils. Prevention is key, so it’s recommended to take care of the skin as early as possible to age gracefully and confidently.

For seniors who need assistance with a good skincare routine, our caregivers in the retirement community can provide personalized support and guidance to ensure that their skin remains healthy and vibrant.

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