Avoid forgetting about your prescription.

caregiver giving a senior patient juice to taking his medicineMedication is important especially for elders who need to maintain their health. However, due to memory loss and other factors, some seniors tend to forget about taking their prescriptions. This can lead to a delay in their recovery and other risks that may worsen their condition. To help them avoid that problem, we at Desired Living Home Care aim to remind and assist our residents in taking their prescriptions. 
Our staff can manage our residents’ medication through the following:

  • Keeping track of medication schedule
  • Refilling medication
  • Informing the senior’s family about his or her well-being
  • Checking the medication for the expiration date and replacing them immediately

At Desired Living Home Care LLC, ensure your loved one’s constant well-being with the aid of our reliable and trusted staff. Give us a call today!